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Common Wedding Questions

Congratulations on your engagement! 

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and choosing the right  wedding professionals to make your dreams a reality can be an overwhelming process. I am honored that you are considering Julia Rebecca Photography to be a part of your wedding day. I cherish each wedding I photograph and my passion is to give you the best possible experience leading up to and on your wedding day.  

All of my couples are unique and each wedding I photograph is unique to my couples; therefore, no two weddings are going to be photographed in the exact same way. By seeing each wedding as something exciting that has never been done before, your photos will reflect you and your significant other in a natural and beautiful way.

Couples have so many decisions to make while planing their wedding, deciding on your wedding photographer and package should not be one more headache. By offering one base package, with perfectly curated add-ons, you will be able to have the coverage for your wedding that is perfect for you both and your wedding day. 

With experience photographing all different sizes and types of weddings, I am able to assist you with your timeline and planning, ensuring that on your wedding day you have the right coverage and photography for your big day. I hope that the following information will allow you to get to know Julia Rebecca Photography and how I approach photographing each wedding I capture.

I can’t wait to talk more about how you are envisioning your wedding day and how I can be of service to you. The following information will hopefully answer a few of the questions you and many other couples have concerning their photography! 

How far in advance should we book you?

I would suggest as soon as possible! There is nothing worse than having to tell couples that their date is already booked! My available dates fill up quickly since I only book one wedding per day, and usually only one per weekend. This allows me to give you my full attention on your wedding day, but also limits how many weddings I can photograph each year!

How do I reserve my date?

To book your wedding date I only require a signed contract and a nonrefundable retainer of 30%. Once those two requirements are met no other weddings will be booked on your reserved date. If you are unsure of the package that is right for you at the time of booking that is not a problem. We can always adjust the amount of hours, or what time I will be arriving and departing on your wedding day once you have a little more planned.

Do you book more than one wedding per day?

No, I do not book multiple weddings per day. This allows you to add hours of coverage and allows me to focus solely on your wedding.

What happens if your camera fails?

That is a scary thought, so for your peace of mind as well as mine, I always bring multiple cameras, lenses, memory cards, and flashes to all of the events I photograph. As a wedding photographer I believe it is necessary to always have multiple cameras and equipment at every event.    

Are you insured?

Yes, Julia Rebecca Photography is full ensured.

What if you have never photographed at my venue before?

I love shooting at new locations and venues. As a wedding photographer I am constantly thinking on my feet; looking for the best light, angles, and backgrounds. If I have never photographed at a venue, and it is possible, I will visit the location before your ceremony or reception. Some of my favorite photographs are usually when the bride is getting ready, and since that happens at a different place for most weddings,  I am used to shooting in lots of different locations. 

What is your favorite part about photographing weddings?

There are so many small moments that I really love. The anticipation of the bride seeing herself in the mirror after she has her hair done, inside jokes between the groomsman, the first dance and sneaking away to take a few photographs of just the bride and groom at sunset. I love the energy at weddings, some weddings are subdued and some are a raucous party when the moon rises, but they all have energy flowing through them that is amazing to be a part of.

What is the online gallery that is included in your packages?

The online gallery is a password protected online gallery that you can view and print your photographs from. Your friends and family can also use the online gallery (if you share the password). This is awesome for you because moms, aunts, friends, grandparents, siblings and anyone else can print the photographs that they want from the gallery. This means you do not have to distribute or print your photographs for everyone. Please see the “Printing and Sharing Your Photographs” document for more information about the galleries!

Does the package price include editing?

Yes, every photograph you receive has been edited by me. I photograph all of my weddings in a file format called RAW instead of JPG. These files contain a lot more data than JPG’s but they are also not meant to be a final product. In addition to contrast, saturation and other standard adjustments, every photo is given a special concoction of adjustments that give you the final product that is “my feel” for the photographs. Consistency in incredibly important to me, you should have a good sense of what a photographers style is so that you know what the feel of your images will be. 

Prior to opening Julia Rebecca Photography I was a professional Graphic Designer. I am fluent in Lightroom and Photoshop which I believe is a must for any wedding photographer.  The standard I set for every wedding is for each photograph to be given just the right amount of editing without looking over processed. I have included an example photograph below so that you can see what a before and after photograph looks like.

How many images will we receive?

This is a good question, but also difficult to answer because every wedding is different. I don’t set a hard number for the amount of images you will receive but it will usually be between 700 and 900 images. Longer weddings will have more, while shorter weddings might have fewer final images. I will shoot thousands of photographs and part of what you are investing in is my ability to sort through and pick out the best photographs for you. The last thing you want to do after your wedding is sort though thousands of photographs to find the best ones.

I hope that these answered some of your questions. I know that you probably have more and I can't wait to talk with you about your wedding and answer any questions you may have. Please contact me using the link in the top menu or at

In the images below the original file on the right has correct exposure and white balance but with a few special adjustments the bride looks even more beautiful on the right.

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